Intertwining | Architecture + Landscape
B.Arch Studio 2B
CCA | Spring 2013

Educational Project
| California College of the Arts | 2012
Client:  The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Following the Water Scape project, The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy will be opening a new research location near Redwood Creek. The new facility will house an expanded program to support many of the facets of its mission. The new space will allow the Conservancy to establish a research facility focus on a key element pertaining to factors that affect the National Parks, such as Coho Salmon habitats, raising sea levels, or flood mitigation systems.

Knowing the importance of the restoration of the Redwood Creek, the proposal is to create the public space to bring the community, conservancy, and visitors together for education and research proposes. The agenda of the design is to use the technique of circulation, stepping, and cantilever to negotiate between the architecture and the topography of the hillside to bring them together.