Living on the Edge

Educational Project - Core Studio 4
B.arch - CCA - SP 2014
Instructors: Brian Price (Price-Studio)
Randolph R. Ruiz (AAA Architecture)
Associates: Anh Vu

Target group:
Senior | Student | Single family with children

The agenda of the project is to activate the possibility of communications and interactions between multigenerational residents, and also with the surrounding community.

In the building scale, the design also intends to provide a sequence programed common spaces for the residents who share the same interested to suggest the learning opportunities, and create engagements through the use of the programed spaces such as Children daycare, Reading and Working, Workshop and Art spaces, and Gym area.

In the local scale, the project also providing the open spaces that accessible to the public to increase the activity, traffic, and access for the neighborhood to the water front and its urban environment such as the The Ramp, Boardwalk, and Boat dock along the water front.