Museum As Meander

Educational Project - IBD Studio
B.Arch - CCA - Fall 2015
Instructors:  Kristen Smith (Min | Day studios)
Ryan Keerns (Bohlin Cywinski Jackson)

Associates: Anh Vu - Kelvin Thengono

Project Description:
Architecture | Urban Spaces | Landscape

The site is located in Presidio, San Francisco. The location is not only offers an expansive panorama of prominent views towards; Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Palace of Fine Arts, and Transamerica Tower, but the site also contains deep historical context of Native American burial site that valuable for the history.  The project envisioned an alternative route that connects the Park Land Project by James Corner to Crissy Field Park in thinking of the architecture will act as an interstitial realm in between.

The project used “Meander”, is sinuous watercourse or river that transfer soil into a collective pots along the river, as a metaphor to engage between the site and the architecture through meandering in respect of human movements, the site connections, and programmatic distribution.

Our project is a contemporary form of public space, maintaining the experience of ‘continuity’, one where city, gardens, and exhibitions rooms become part of an experiential whole; it is a Museum that fluctuates with seasonal shift. Highlighting an agenda of seeking to understand how materials, place and human activities might inspire to generate forms, the form that becomes expressive of the function; form and function as a whole.